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Music/ EPK

Ladyfang is an Austin  TX  based pop group known  for their high energy, quirky and deeply captivating  performances.  The band is set to release their sophomore record, self-titled, Ladyfang on June 2nd 2023. 

PHOTO & MUA - Jackson Schwartz


Self-titled album, Ladyfang, is out now! link below.

"The four-piece claims “chaos pop-rock” as their genre, whipping up a heavy maelstrom of funk, folk, indie, alternative, and above all – high octane rock. Ladyfang’s got no trouble biting through any predictable genre formula, and with Cara Juan’s uncouth lyrics and unabashed delivery on top, it’s a truly energizing, off-the-wall set of sounds." - Jack Anderson, KUTX 98.9

"Ladyfang takes on the heartache with raw energy and playful, killer hooks. Make way for the quirky, funky, frenetic frenzy." - Laurie Gallardo, KUTX 98.9

"The band’s live performance possesses all the energetic playfulness and chaotic dance-inducing melodies you could ever hope for." - Douglas Leach, Track Rambler

"When it comes to the arena of glitter rock, it’s all about standing out. Enter keyboardist-vocalist Cara Juan and her compatriots in Ladyfang, whose controlled-but-chaotic pop rock helps the quartet outshine other glittery contenders in the Austin scene. That’s not to say Ladyfang just gnashes styles together; rather they floss in between coexistent genres with the eccentric energy and commanding confidence fit for a Lady."- KUTX 98.9 Song Of The Day

"Ladyfang is lovably unhip, removing all of the forced posturing that ruins too many anti-romance songs, aiming instead for sincerity in both sound and phrasing." - Nick Hanover, OVRLD



OCT 22nd - FEELS  So Good

Austin, TX.



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