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PHOTO & MUA - Jackson Schwartz


Sweat, glitter, rock n roll; but most of all fun. 
Ladyfang is a culmination of a tight bunch of friends with vast eclectic tastes. In the studio, they are like roommates. Out, they might be confused as celebrities... or at least Rocky could be. At home, when they are with you in the club or in your headphones. The lineup includes Cara Juan on lead vocals/keys, Rocky Joseph on drums, Chocolate on bass/ backup vocals, and Brett Marcom on guitar. 

They love
Food: Chips, Bom Vasos and sex
Drink: Frozen margaritas 
Dreams: Stadium rock

The four-piece claims “chaos pop-rock” as their genre, whipping up a heavy maelstrom of funk, folk, indie, alternative and above all – high octane rock. Ladyfang’s got no trouble biting through any predictable genre formula, and with Cara Juan’s uncouth lyrics and unabashed delivery on top, it’s a truly energizing, off-the-wall set of sounds. - Jack Anderson, KUTX 98.9



Feb 4th - Hotel Vegas Texas 9PM

Feb 5th - THE ABGB


Feb 19th - Radio Coffee & Bar 8PM

April 30th - Valhalla Tavern 9PM





Oct 8th - Hotel Vegas, ATX

Oct 16th - Zilker Brewery ATX 3 PM

Oct 23rd - Swan dive, ATX

Sept 17th - The Deli, Norman, OK

Sept 27th - Swan Dive, ATX

July 2nd @ Swan Dive

July 31st @ The GrandStand Austin, TX

August 7th @ The Far Out, Austin, TX

August 14th @ Jandros, San Antonio, TX

September 5th @ THE ABGB, Austin TX

September 10th @ 

The Far Out, Austin TX

June 10th @ The Far OUT - 10 PM

June 11th (release party) @THE ABGB 

9 PM

June 12th @ Meanwhile Brewing

8:30 PM

2/8/20 - Swan Dive w/ Trouble in The Streets.

2/13/20 - Empire Control Room w/ Strange Cadets.

1/18/19 - The Electric Church w/ Cheap Wave

1/3/20 - Freeweek @ The North Door.

12/13/19 - The Oven

12/21/19 - The Electric Church

12/26/19 - Hotel Vegas w/ Lola Tried

12/31/19 - NYE @ Hole in the wall

11/24/19 - Mohawk w/ Chris Conde & Black Cutlass

9/28 - Hole In The Wall w/ Indoor Creature and more


10/19/19 - Paper Tiger, San Antonio.

11/22/19 - Cheer Up Charlies.

8/15/19 - Zilker Brewery

8/1/19 - Barracuda

6/11/19 - Stubbs

6/6/19 - Elysium w/ Elevaded

6/20/19- Cheer Up Charlies w/ Mode Dodeca

7/6/19 - Mohawk

5/27/19 - Barracuda

5/29/19 - Hotel Vegas w/ Henry The Archer & Saint Logun

5/16/19 - Stubbs w/ Happy Hollow.

4/4/19 - Hotel Vegas w/ North by North, The Cover Letter, Corbella

3/13/19 - Unofficial SXSW at Precision Camera (2 pm)



3/13/19 - Unofficial SXSW w/ Sound Dessert at Icenhauer (8 pm)



3/20/10 - Safehouse Session



3/10/19 - Haus Of Venus @ Dozen Street


3/9/19 - The ABGB w/ Lolatried.


2/23/19- Spider House Ballroom EP Release Show w/ Hey Cowboy, Henry the Archer



2/27/19 - The Oven Recording Studio.


12/15 Dozen Street w /Hex Boyfriend, Black Basements, Dream Eaters


11/11 - FullNote Presents: An OutYouth Benefit Show @ Cheer Up Charlies(Outdoor).


10/26 - Halloween House Show w/ Big Bill, Hongkong Wigs, Something called Nothing.


10/16 - One 2 One W/ Chase The Comet (Russia-LA) & The Schisms


9/7 - Cheer Up Charlies (Daydreamer App Launch)

8/18 - Mohawk w/ The Sour Notes & Saint Lo Gun

5/31 - Stubbs Indoors w/ Femina-X

5/17 - Barracuda w/ Sphynx, Fuss Ricket & KadyRain.

5/4 - Cheer Up Charlies(Outdoor) w/ Sydney Wright.

4/14 - The ABGB w/ Middlespoon


4/7 - The Blackheart w/ Elvaded, Fuss Ricket & Flavor Raid


3/17 - Spokesman "Did you eat yet?" w/ Particle Kid, Henry The Archer & more.


3/12 - Fun on the run: Sahara Lounge (SXSW)


2/3 - Caves Lounge (Arlington, TX) w/ Henry the Archer


2/8 - Stubb's w/ Sedona Skies and Denizens


1/21 - Cheer Up Charlie's RAICES benefit with MAMIS and XETAS


12/29 - Spokesman with Sphynx, DJ Pyro (Party at the Upside Down). NO COVER.


12/ 28 - Stubb's BBQ w/ Zottos and Street Themes. Doors 8pm. $5.


12/ 21 - Eastciders Taproom: The Collaboratory


11/17 - NoPlay Music presents @ Cheer Up Charlie's with Tyler Jordan


10/26 - For Spite Presents: Ladyfang w/ Dregs and The Oysters at Hotel Vegas 


10/21 - Indian Roller 3rd Anniversary @ 6:30pm


10/13 - Spokesman Coffee and Beer


9/22 - Threadgills w/ Sonnie Sarko


9/23 - Pecan Street Festival 


9/9 - The ABGB with the Mystery Achievement and Go Fever @ 9pm


9/6 - Safehouse Session on Twitch TV


8/23 - Hotel Vegas w/ Saint Lo Gun, Brother Wives, and Ooni


8/18 - The Sidewinder with Little Image and Odd Folks @ 9pm


8/16 - NoPlay music presents @ Cheer Up Charlie's


8/6 - Local Live KVRX 91.7 @ 10pm


7/10 - Mohawk w/ Fools and Apache Pistol @ 8pm


7/7 - Third Awakening presents Blazing Summer Fest II @ Yerberia Cultura (McAllen, TX)


7/3 - Hotel Vegas w/ Annabelle Chairlegs, Major Grizz, and Go Fever @ 9pm


6/28 - KVRX presents at Hole in the Wall w/ Shivery Shakes, the Irish Exit


5/28 - Cheer Up Charlie's @ 7pm w/ Gil Ganesh, Caleb de Casper, and Storm Chaser


5/19 - STUBB's after show with Catfish and the Bottleman


5/20 - OVRLD presents Ladyfang Album release party w/ Big Bill, MAMIS @ the ABGB (ATX)


5/5 - Hole in the Wall (ATX) with the Heavenly States


4/19 - No Play Music presents  w/ the Holy Child and Zachman @ Cheer Up Charlie's 


3/13 - SXSW OVRLD showcase at The Granada House


3/12 - Sofar Sounds showcase @ South Austin Brewery


3/10 - Facebook SXSW kick-off party w/ Magna Carda and Rozes


3/3 - Mohawk with Thomas Csorba (ATX)


2/17/17 - Sound Desserts Planned Parenthood benefit at Swan Dive (ATX)


2/7/17 - Cheer Up Charlie's presented by No Play Music (ATX)


1/25/17 - Barracuda with Sun June and Zottos (ATX)


1/22/17 - Roe v Wade 44th anniversary rally


1/3/17 - OVRLD Free Week showcase @ Empire Control Room (ATX)


12/11/16 - Mohawk with Zottos, Goodnight Charlie (ATX)


11/21/16 - Mohawk with Ooni, Patch, and Mamalarkey (ATX)


10/22/16 - Sofar Sounds with Sun June and Miggy Milla (Austin, TX)


9/30/16 - Sidewinder with Ooni, Upper Deck Pets @ 9pm



"The band’s live performance possesses all the energetic playfulness and chaotic dance-inducing melodies you could ever hope for." - Douglas Leach, Track Rambler

ladyfang maybe.jpg

"Ladyfang is lovably unhip, removing all of the forced posturing that ruins too many anti-romance songs, aiming instead for sincerity in both sound and phrasing." - Nick Hanover, OVRLD

Artwork by Katrina Smith

When it comes to the arena of glitter rock, it’s all about standing out. Enter keyboardist-vocalist Cara Juan and her compatriots in Ladyfang, whose controlled-but-chaotic pop rock helps the quartet outshine other glittery contenders in the Austin scene. That’s not to say Ladyfang just gnashes styles together; rather they floss in between coexistent genres with the eccentric energy and commanding confidence fit for a Lady.- KUTX 98.9 Song Of The Day

"Ladyfang takes on the heartache with raw energy and playful, killer hooks. Make way for the quirky, funky, frenetic frenzy." - Laurie Gallardo, KUTX 98.9


For general inquiries, booking and nudes you can email ladyfangmusic@gmail.com